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Strengthen Safety Culture

Strengthen safety culture

In order to get the safety policy sustainable, the safety culture of a company will have to comply with the written safety policy.

Strengthening the safety culture is in fact a change management issue. Strengthening the safety culture requires an approach in which safety and change management are combined and applied in a very practical way.

We have experienced trainers / consultants with diverse backgrounds. Ranging from change experts, safety experts, behavioral experts, coaches to actors. This, combined with years of experience, enables us to help companies with the sometimes complex questions regarding safety culture.

The core of our approach is to create a dialogue between employees across all layers of the organization. Change through dialog.

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Improvement Proces Safety Management

With a properly functioning safety policy, there is a balance between technical measures, management systems and the safety culture.

A well-functioning safety management system, the application of the right technical controls, identifying the root cause of incidents and weel-written procedures is just as important as a strong safety culture.

In order to help companies with this, we have experienced safety experts and senior advisors in the field of risk management and risk analyzes.

We help companies in the entire process, from permits to efficient safety management systems that connect to the workplace.

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