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Empowerment or reinforcement is a method to validate the newly acquired behavior or ensure that people actually carry out the desired behavior. Learning new behavior takes a long time and needs to be consistently reinforced over a longer period of time. For this it is better to create short contact moments over a longer period of time than a one-off training course.

In our approach, management is taught how best to reinforce the new behavior among employees (rewarding penalties, adjusting the environment / context, etc.). Here we give a lot of attention to the joint raising of the managers so that a line is drawn.

We also have an innovative reinforcement methodology that ensures that participants are reminded for a long time of what they have learned during the workshop. For this we use software, the Mindmarker App. Through this App. questions such as photographs are sent that remind us of the behavioral agreements made with the participants. The questions are drawn up in such a way that they invite to act without being experienced as teaching. In addition, this method offers the possibility to monitor the response so that there is constant insight into the extent to which the learned is applied in practice.

We know the following types of interventions:

  • Workshop how do I get my team and how can I effectively sanction (in accordance with the Just culture principle of Reason).
  • Coaching management to manage employees effectively.
  • Deployment of several return meetings over a longer period of time to remind employees of what they have learned.
  • Use of the ┬«Mindmarker reinforcement methodology to empower employees over a longer period of time in what they have learned during the workshops, see also the figures below.



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