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Safety awareness

We have a large number of practical interventions (workshops, serious gaming, etc) to make people aware.

The basic principle here is that create a dialoge on a number of themes. Consider, for example: ownership, recognizing unsafe situations, addressing each other, etc. The choice of themes depends on the research into the safety culture.

We offer the following types of interventions:

  • Awareness workshops (Deal With It 1 & 2). The workshop consists of assignments, short films, photos of the own organization so that it is well connected to the practical situation.
  • Serious gaming Gaming is used to make people aware of the behavioral patterns in their team. The Safety game simulates a work situation. The training room will be decorated with ‘attributes’ from the work floor. Think of posters, PPE, signs. Employees must execute assignments, the trainers give feedback on displayed behavior. This creates awareness in a playful way
  • Safety days Theme-wise safety days are organized. For example about the usefulness and necessity of reporting incidents, discussing accidents.
  • Workshop on observation and addressing each other about unsafe behavior. Through a training-on-the-job. Preferably at a work location the employees are taught how they can observe and are able to address each other in a constructive manner about unsafe behavior. The training is highly interactive in design, with role play being taught how to approach each other.
    Addressing one another for unsafe behavior is deployed integrally with interventions to ensure a socially safe environment together with the manager.

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